Aug 3, 2007


The human hope in favor of bias had involved them towards necessity--perhaps more spectre with whole headache theory quarter. Seductiveness remained, because the ego finds yet another function on a glass birdcage trick in logical limits' mistake beyond the very wandering atmosphere.

These difficult newspapers become exterior lanes to the torrid finger signs one may obscure in discoveries. To resist fake purpose, a curious man was widely about. Nothing intricate was seen, however, until many thousand roosting idiots issued from the smaller mouth.

Only in the visual phrase, in the absence of thinking, will the lost spool clearly be able to change the night. Forces erupt for a number of reasons, if one may speak, as interior fact attuned to contradictions guided by objective black humorists finds ferocious treats to destroy.

--Dice game played with three books, July 2007


The water harp ears like a steamed cornea through blasting cap toupee. Crab pelvis solar dungeons play the dusk trumpet. The empty shapes jamboree boulders, river's tongue on sound-spoon. The cochlea dimmers humpily swoon with a wet laugh.