Oct 18, 2009


What is a will to be well?
The incurable crisis of civilization
It's being transmitted from this yacht
It's the caressing action of fried oysters by their parents
In that redoubtable wood of monstrous circumstances.

Serves the presupposition of convincing our pupil, the horses in the seed machine, the old arcades of her past with a powdered wig, just as if the events were happening to him. On my belly I know the dead silently glow to the east before scrying dancing blue fishtail.

Her face again I realized I desired;
Neandertals dissected Fourierism.

--Chance text made by selecting random words from books

Oct 1, 2009


The slick zygote moth
wades in and out of my tongue

the third owl nebula
a synthetic constellation of footprints

My space-station mouth
with a venomous sponge
from the dark ocean floor

where diamonds form in a hot minute