Apr 10, 2011

You Will Be Apalled (Five Books)

I told him, instead of feeling it shift position, these modern Romans’ words belched in frenzy.

My attention was captured. You will be appalled, to say the least; one thing leads to another.

Incidentally, the Philosophers’ Stone! A coherent picture of the universe, this steamy carnival. Pale enthusiast, in a word-- Universal Analogy.

An intellectual construction sank heavily out of sight, beloved woman clinging to some balcony.

But Newport, 1765, a crime of my own, into emblems--core of a paranoiac illness.

For the child as entirely new, to take on a more disturbing bulk, a carved doorway, I can still see.

Possession of the minds of desire.

Driven by vague resemblance differently.

The child must learn what you least expect.

--Mixed phrases selected by chance (with minor edits) from the following books:
Wrong Numbers by Franklin Rosemont
The Custom House of Desire: A Half-Century of Surealist Stories, ed. J.H. Mattews
New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud
Juliette by the Marquis DeSade
Waking up Screaming, H.P. Lovecraft

Apr 3, 2011


I've added a track to Peak the Source, suRRism-PhonoEthics' 100th release. This three volume project features dozens of improvised, ambient, electronic, noise/glitch, and unclassified sound artists. Click on the title above or copy and paste the link below to download or have a listen.