Dec 9, 2010


For big cash and prizes, the White House says 'just one minute.' The etymology is the reason speculation would deny incomprehension. A former nobody discussing hyperpolarized refined sugar said practical solutions disturbed the statistics. "There's no point in exposing kids to ignorance." It's not clear if the defrocked soldiers would be considered a free gift to a deceased New Zealand physician.

--Improvised word collage from random newspapers

Oct 14, 2010

Steel Imp of Purpose

Soon the aspects of inter-cerebral dynamism will reroute the plants. Inwardly a doppelganger, outwardly a flying bicycle yearning for the moon's secret limbic in the dread goblet of panting noumena sorcerers. The birth mark of unheard squeaks in the ambient crystal butterfly, as in, turn the radio down with your foot. The diatomatious circle of wolves, sleep cone society vortex hog. Wrecked pace of humid goats. I am all that, and her lingering breath, too. There's not a spider without a faraday, my heated steel imp of purpose.

Sep 7, 2010

Interpretive Images

Karl Marx Werewolf, Benjamin Peret Batman, Beelzebub and Friends in a Subway Tunnel

In the Night Forest

Airplane Ride

Aug 2, 2010

Qkcofse: Molecular Detournement Egregore

My album Molecular Detournement Egregore has been released on the suRRism-Phonoethics netlabel and the Free Music Archive. M.D.E. features improvised, ambient and harsh noise tracks constructed from processed recordings, electronics, prepared guitar, voice, box flute, found sounds and amplified objects. The suRRism-Phonoethics and Free Music Archives links have been added to the sidebar. Many thanks to Jaan Patterson. Click on the title or copy/paste the links below.

Jul 21, 2010

Moby Dick Jr. on behalf of the Ancient Ocean

Photo provided by Paloma Werner (see link for story)

Jul 5, 2010

Tales of the Tongue

My tongue bounces into secret rivers with a quartz laugh overthrowing phantasmic doppler hyenas. Vowel sounds of unearthed roots merge with the toes of disgust to produce realms where the dance lives in sweet waves of sparks that drench me in time travel boats lashed to moon habitats where blood's theater pulsates into oblivion's heavy eyelids which close around the invisible world of microscopic cosmos.

Human meat slaves of boredom lock up the granite dust vipers to the peril of glass slipper roots pouring from the shoulders of iron mice. The second act of creation destroys the first as easily as a hand grasps the dark tombs of disquiet. Temptation's morphic swings heave in a sandstorm of cubes. Meteor showers ignite plasmic dust and take flight across the plains of wow.

My nose is a dream's kiss which jumps into the midst of thickening pods of sound which caress my ambiguous flame on your lava bed of goat skates. The walls open for me to find my way to your long fingers, where the stellar heights arc through doors of sidereal approximations. Sonic grasses of mountains bend in the wind's hollow hat in perplexing visions of ghost robes.

Jun 24, 2010

Scary Neptune Players

On the grim threshold of humor I deploy the subterfuge flowers in blue flame, waving echoes of sonar to enhance the gill-breathing ones, the scary Neptune players of interstellar babies.

May 18, 2010

Hydrolith Chance Poems

Uftulata driving intoxicated cosmopolitan anomaly, giving rise to feel port of volume 34...believers can be seen of his snakes, to another light, to respond with a basic understanding.

Steam in the hair moved when oh foam terra will soon swing the contemplation that she hid in a hurry if not synchronic aegis by her locks.

That range, to this point, freeing up a dubious connection to which the half eaten layers black in the hands and the ego density their thesis...

Apr 28, 2010

Dear Unknown letters part one

Dear Unknown,

The letters you sent were carved from stone fish eyes in some inexplicable submarine galley and I've eight minutes to read the hour. This is why I could walk through walls on the way to the neck of that star in your breath. Humor that you'll ever volcano walk, slowly footstep the drinks, and my nights float in a polarity of obelisk cats.

Apr 8, 2010


The international surrealist book Hydrolith, which I was one of the six editors for, has been released by Oyster Moon Press via and is available at a discount for two months. There's also a free pdf at the lulu site. Click on the title above or copy/paste the link below: