Jul 5, 2010

Tales of the Tongue

My tongue bounces into secret rivers with a quartz laugh overthrowing phantasmic doppler hyenas. Vowel sounds of unearthed roots merge with the toes of disgust to produce realms where the dance lives in sweet waves of sparks that drench me in time travel boats lashed to moon habitats where blood's theater pulsates into oblivion's heavy eyelids which close around the invisible world of microscopic cosmos.

Human meat slaves of boredom lock up the granite dust vipers to the peril of glass slipper roots pouring from the shoulders of iron mice. The second act of creation destroys the first as easily as a hand grasps the dark tombs of disquiet. Temptation's morphic swings heave in a sandstorm of cubes. Meteor showers ignite plasmic dust and take flight across the plains of wow.

My nose is a dream's kiss which jumps into the midst of thickening pods of sound which caress my ambiguous flame on your lava bed of goat skates. The walls open for me to find my way to your long fingers, where the stellar heights arc through doors of sidereal approximations. Sonic grasses of mountains bend in the wind's hollow hat in perplexing visions of ghost robes.

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