Jun 27, 2008


A variation on Question and Answer or Definitions, but played using a single dictionary, or alternately, with one or more books.

Modern--of or like a lion

Shiite--an American shrub which bears small black or blue berries

Ratio--an organ of certain flowerless plants which bear reproductive cells

UNESCO--the state of being hypnotized

Prohibit--a cold blooded, aquatic vertebrate animal

Megalomaniac--insect, very destructive to wood

Lime--half light preceding sunrise

Legislate--a portion of a circle enclosed by two radii and the arc which they intercept

Warble--without form

Skeleton--a mercenary soldier who sells his services to any country

Jun 11, 2008


If the heat lightning on your knuckles means cocoons will envelope your glass house, if rocks are laugh meters chummy with a tree vole, and if my hands are dynamos of strobe pools, giant trees carry magnetic syrup.