Jun 27, 2008


A variation on Question and Answer or Definitions, but played using a single dictionary, or alternately, with one or more books.

Modern--of or like a lion

Shiite--an American shrub which bears small black or blue berries

Ratio--an organ of certain flowerless plants which bear reproductive cells

UNESCO--the state of being hypnotized

Prohibit--a cold blooded, aquatic vertebrate animal

Megalomaniac--insect, very destructive to wood

Lime--half light preceding sunrise

Legislate--a portion of a circle enclosed by two radii and the arc which they intercept

Warble--without form

Skeleton--a mercenary soldier who sells his services to any country

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steve davies said...


Here's a few of mine:

Gold - a cloth made of flax

Money - a play upon words, a pun

Orange - inordinate self esteem, unreasonable conceit of one's own superiority

Incomer - a communication, oral or written

Kill - restraining, directing and regulatory power, authority, command

Star - to frolic, to revel, to be merry or enjoy life in a boisterous fashion.