Sep 19, 2007


A few days ago I was using a computer program to generate brown, pink, and white noise for experimental sound composition. I saved a twenty second segment of white noise as a seperate file and soon listened to it turned up loud in the headphones. I made random loops out of the noise, and found a few paranoiac* statements in the mix. These were distorted, humorous and interesting phrases, spoken with curious timing in a metallic, static-filled voice. Among them were "pleasure the flesh," "please take my fleas," "write, wield the quill," and "g'mornin." I saved each voice to later play to friends, so that their own paranoiac mechanisms might be exercised. It will be interesting to see if they hear what I heard, or if some other revelation will stumble out of the rumbling texture for them.

*'Paranoiac' refers to a phrase which means 'delirium of interpretation.' This phenomena has been written about by Leonardo DaVinci, Salvador Dali, and others.

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