Oct 19, 2013

SFT Halloween Communique

The Sadean-Fourierist Tendency recently declared that 'Halloween will not end this year' and encouraged everyone to continue wearing costumes or dressing up until 'after Christmas season' or longer, in order to promote 'gothic sex appeal' and 'awareness of pleasure' in the midst of 'the lack of a reasonable priceless economic system' on whose noxious absence the shopping malls continue their 'recuperation of imagination.' 

Further, they announced 'the end of repressive decorum' by suggesting that people boldly announce their desires to their surroundings at any time in the form of a song, joke, poem, spell or insult. The message was delivered from the air; tiny golden boxes containing ornate scrolls tied with red ribbons rained across town. Once the parchment was unrolled, it dissolved in a purple flash after two minutes, causing a slight burn to the hands, and leaving the smell of roasting onions.

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