Dec 4, 2013

Surrational Instructions

Surrational Instructions (3):

To open the sounding device:

Place a small spoonful of wasabi directly on the container plate, add two drops of lemon water and one half-microgram of salt; move your face away when the flash-paper ignites the wick. When the spool has fallen over the mouse-basket, inhale the high tides; flush the remaining polar stars into your wandering garden without delay.

To reveal potential phrases left unsaid with fading light:

Throw used cannisters with extreme prejudice into the melted star irons at the end of the block; wait for nightfall and paint on the wall with most moonlight that you are saturated with stars; the day will begin again when you swallow the moon. Then the words you seek will emerge from melted garland splashes.

To refresh the device when there is no incoming sound:

Count to six, break open the disposable heuristic grate, climb down the pipe, and shatter the multicolored glass. Pile up the debris inside a butterfly cloak and insert a broken watch; after a fortnight you must swallow the sun to enable the picture viewer.

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